Criminal law and tax law

Bosman Advocatuur is a Dutch law firm specialising in criminal law and tax law. The main focus of the firm is providing legal assistance to suspects in fraud investigations at all stages of the criminal procedure. Furthermore, the firm assists individuals and companies in proceedings against the Dutch tax authorities. Bosman Advocatuur is located in Deventer, the ideal location for proceedings before the courts in Almelo, Zwolle, Zutphen and Arnhem.


Jan Willem Bosman is a lawyer specialising in criminal law and tax law. He graduated from the University of Lund, Sweden (international human rights law), Utrecht University (criminal law) and the University of Amsterdam (tax law).


Jan Willem is a member of the Dutch Association for Lawyers and Tax Experts (NVAB). He writes on topics related to tax law and criminal law and is a contributor to the Dutch Journal of Tax Law (NTFR)